Monday, January 28, 2008

Hi Mary and Ellen

Welcome to Essencia Island! This is where Book Buddies love to go to relax and have fun. We eat to our hearts content and let our imaginations roam. It's a lot of fun and we usually look forward to it after we have read and discussed a book.

Thanks Bonnie for setting me straight that we have a new Ellen in the group. I am so sorry Ellen I thought you were someone that used to post on the Oprah boards. But I always love meeting new people and am happy to now have met you. Thanks for introducing me to Mojitos! My husband told me that they sell them from the distributor that he works for. They look like a great drink for a hot summer day!

Hi Mary once you get into these little parties there is no stopping. The first few I attended I felt like a fish out of water. Lol. But once I started playing and concentrated more on what cyber dishes I was going to bring etc. it became more fun. I hope you enjoy them too.

I am Candy from Rhode Island. I think it was in 2003 that I joined the first Book Buddies and I have known some of the members here for some time now. I don't always come by and post but I do try to join some of the discussions and read some of the books.