Sunday, January 27, 2008

Melts in Your Mouth, not in Your Hands...

I guess that would only work here on Essencia! I had never heard of it before and whin I first saw the chocolate dipped wine I wondered how they dipped it without getting the chocolate all over the labels. Lol.

Hi Carole! Yes it has been a long time. I did join the Cold Comfort Farm discussion, that was a fun read. Maybe I will see you for the February discussion.

Hi Marylyn! I liked your pictures from Korea. It sure does look cold there! Thank good ness it is just the perfect temp right here in Essencia!

Ellen, it's been awhile, nice to see you! I love your Mojitos they look most inviting. The mint and lime look so nice in the glass!

And lol Bonnie, I better put the wine in the shade! I am guessing that an ice bucket would be out of the question. Lol.