Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Chutney Cheese Balls

Jackie's Recipe for Chutney Cheese Balls:

Jackie said, "It is one of the very best cheeseballs I have ever tasted! Just for me I make smaller balls and freeze them."

Mix well 24 ounces Cream Cheese
1 cup Sour Cream
1 cup Raisins, chopped
1 cup Salted Peanuts, chopped
8 slices Bacon, cook very crisp, drain well, and crumble (or buy the real bacon bits)
1/2 cup Green Onion, chopped, tops, also
4 tsp. Curry Powder, adjust to your own taste

Shape into large balls. Wrap and refrigerate. Before serving, top with Chutney. Sprinkle with Coconut and Parsley. Serve with Unsalted Crackers.

This is a friend's recipe that I first had this past week at a Girls Reunion of my high school friends. It as just delish! Wish I had a picture to post here.

Which one of the People of the Book might bring this to the party? Let's eat it spread on the crackers that Bonnie brought!