Friday, July 4, 2008

Love Cracker Jacks & Cotton Candy!

Hi everyone, I tried to post several times in the last few weeks, but blogger didn't work. I just reset my password, & whala, it worked. Did not want to read last book, as it sounded too scary. Didn't want nightmares, as my own city, Fall River, Ma used to have Lincoln Park....rides, rollercoster, etc. while growing up. I didn't get to read the book before that, but would not ever want to be in the position as those 2 girls with the abortion or no abortion issue. Anyway, no one mentioned cotton candy. I actually bought myself a little cotton candy machine years ago & made cotton candy a few times, but stopped as sugar is bad for you. My best memories to going to high school in another state, was leaving school for the day & seeing the truck with the man inside ,that made cotton candy parked outside the school. He always gave me the largest amount of everyone. I don't know why & when kids asked to have some of mine, I always shared. I still wish that I could thank the man as an adult for doing that. Besides being starved, I always appreciated the extra special treatment & the extra special treat. Toby