Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Lynne's here!

Hello Bonnie and Shirley. This mango tea is delicious.

I just saw Oliver and he had his arms full of all kinds of things to entertain the boys. He has brought a couple of his landladies cousins that are around Theo and Jacobs ages so Theo will have some new friends to pal around with for the day.

Oh yeah and get this. He has a big surprise for Jake (as he always calls him now). Remember when Henri Lee, the forensic guy, was giving a lecture and Jacob didn't get to go? Well, it appears that Lee is staying with friends that live only a couple miles from Essencia Island and said he'd drop by later this afternoon to say hello to Jacob and bring him a copy of his new book.

Won't Jacob be surprised?

Gonna go mingle a bit as I can't stay long.