Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Hello, book buddies!

Welcome to the party!  You'll have to sort out who's here by mingling among the characters who are (I'm sure) still floating around in your mind.  I'm pretty sure most of them are here.  We'll keep the party going by posting words (and images, if you know how) to respond to what others are saying.  Use your imagination to think of what the various characters might be saying, since we are "making them appear here" as though we are all in one place together.  That's what Essencia Island is, an imaginary place where Nerys, the grandmother, can appear with Mair, the granddaughter who was born after she died.  We book buddies have to be quite imaginative.

Oh, by the way, we each bring food and drink to this party.  Since it's a virtual party, there are no calories to worry about and no one has to drive home from the island after the party.  I've brought fruit and cookies, so help yourself.  And there's mango tea on the sidebar of the blog.

Oh, there's Mair, sitting alone over in the corner.  I think I'll go talk to her.