Tuesday, January 29, 2008

About me

I'm Margreet, I'm Dutch born and bred, in my early fifties, married with two young adult kids. I joined the Oprah bookclub in April 2003, where I met all those wonderful friends, and rediscovered reading, especially in English. Joining the forums at O has opened up a whole world for me, it taught me to express myself more, and to be able to share my favourite hobby, reading, with like minded women.

This past half year has been effing hard for me and my family, because our son was serving in Afghanistan. I could hardly cope to be honest, I'm clearly not cut out to be a military mom!!! Every day I relish the fact that he came home safe and sound!!

The photo below was taken on my birthday in September, you see me smiling in the camera, next to me is my MIL ( who died 2 months after this photo was taken), on the opposite side are my mom and dad. My husband is standing at the kitchen counter. And you can see my brother's backside too..hehe.