Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The mustard lady

Hey, look who I found! The mustard lady! She was standing around watching the party.

Bonnie: Welcome to Essencia Island!
Mustard Lady: Thanks. You do know, I hope, that "mustard lady" is not my name?
B: Well, sure, of course. I know that. What's your REAL name, then?
ML: I'd rather remain in the background. Why don't you call me ML, for short.
B: ML?
ML: " Mustard Lady"?
B: Oh! Duh! I shoulda guessed.
ML: I really do care about the children I place, you know.
B: I know that.
ML: So I dropped by, hoping to see how Hollis is doing now with her new family.
B: She's here somewhere. I saw her racing Steven to the pool earlier.
ML: Is Shelley here? I wanted to tell her I really loved the title she gave to chapter one of the book: "Mustard Lady Delivers Hollis to Art Teacher Wielding Knife"
B: Yes, I laughed out loud at that title. Very good!
ML: Oh, there she is. Hollis! (Excuse me, Bonnie, but I really want to chat with Hollis.)

Bonnie: Okay, I'll go talk with Margreet, now that I can look her in the eye in that photo in the previous post.