Sunday, January 27, 2008

Listen up!

Hey, everybuddy, listen up. Did you happen to hear this remark?
"I'm a new Ellen :) I've never set my bare feet on these virtual sands before."
Ellen, come on over here so everybuddy can meet you.

Buddies, Ellen is another of my "I've-never-met-her-face-to-face-but-she's-my-friend" kind of people, just like nearly every one of you.

Ellen, you should tell the folks a little about yourself ... maybe link them to your blog or something. Folks, I have only just now invited Ellen to join Book Buddies (which she's doing via Essencia Island), but I already know she's a very interesting person! Can you tell I like her ... a lot?

And Mary. I know I saw you around here earlier. Mary? Or would you rather we call you Zorro here? Where are you? Come tell the BBs you're here, too. Some of you may remember her from the Oprah site(s), but she is just now getting onto our blogs.

Book buddies, you should introduce yourselves to the new folks. After all, they are standing here being gawked at and don't know much, if anything, about you. Speak up. Who's first?

(Ellen, while I've got your ear, I need to tell you how this whole Book Buddies thing works. Oh, wait ... take your time ... I think there's a smiling buddy who wants to welcome you to our group.)

Anybody want some of this healthy food? It tastes great.